Basketball Rules

All rules will be governed by the IHSA current rule book. These special rules supersede IHSA rules where applicable.

Referee fees are $36 per referee per game (ALL LEVELS).

Contest Specific Rules

Length of Contest

6th thru 8th Grades

1. 8th Grade - Four (4) quarters of 7 minutes each.

2. 6th and 7th Grades  - Four (4) quarters of 6 minutes each.

3. There will be an intermission of one (1) minute after the first and third quarters and five (5) minutes at half time.

4. There shall be an intermission of ten (10) minutes between games but not less than five (5) minutes when more than one game is played on a given date.


1. Each contest will consist of 4 - 6 minute quarters with the clock stopping on all whistles.

2. There will be an intermission of (1) minute between quarters and 5 minutes at half time.  There will be an intermission of 10 minutes between games but no less than 5 minutes when there are multiple games scheduled.

3. The 4th Grade Divisions will reset their score to zero at half time. The 5th Grade Divisions regular scoring procedures through the entire Game..

4. NEW FOR 2015 4th grade boys free throw line is 11 feet, same as fourth grade girls.

Time Outs

1. 6th thru 8th Grades - Each team is entitled to four (4) charged time-outs during regulation time.  During each extra period, each team is always entitled to one (1) extra time-out. 

Unused time-outs may be accumulated and used at any time.

2. Instructional - Each team will be allowed 4 time outs.


1. Overtime is the extension of playing time necessary to break a tie score. An extra period will be two (2) minutes in duration.

2. For grades 4 and 5 there will be NO Overtime. The game is over after 4 quarters.

Free Throw Administration

1.  7th & 8th Grades – bonus awarded on opposing team's 7th personal team foul in each half.  No Super Bonus.

2.  6th Grade & under – bonus awarded on opposing team's 10th personal team foul in each half.  No Super Bonus.

3.  4th Grade girls and 4th Grade boys will use an 11 foot free throw line.  

4.  5th & 6th grade girls and 5th grade boys will use a 13 foot free throw line. 

5.  All others will use the 15 foot (regulation) free throw line.

6.  The Bonus will be shot on the 10th foul of the half in the 4th and 5th Grade Divisions.

Technical Fouls

The penalty for a technical foul will consist of two points awarded to the opposing team plus possession will be awarded to the opposing team. This rule is intended as a deterrent to unsportsmanlike behavior and to appropriately penalize the offending team. (9/22/00)

Lane Violations

For 4th and 5th grades only, the 3 second rule is expanded to 5 seconds in the lane.

Alternating Possession

Game shall start with a jump-ball.  After possession by one team, IHSA rules for alternating possession will be followed.  Score Officials are to keep track of the last team possession.

Three Point Shot

The three point shot will be in effect for 6th, 7th and 8th grade contests whenever a regulation three point arc is available. No three point shot is in effect for other grades.  For 4th and 5th grades, 3 point shots will be counted as 2 points.

Press Rulesp>

1. The definition of "no press" is the same at all levels (4th grade Thru 8th grade - boys and girls)

2. During a "no press" situation the defensive team must retreat back to the half court line.

3. For grade 6, 7 and 8, the no press rule shall ONLY come into play when one team has a lead of 15 points or more in 6th and 7th grade and 20 points or more in 8th grade. Note that this is a change at the 6th grade level. This should apply to both Boys and Girls play.

4. 4th Grade Boys and Girls can NOT pressure the ball until the ball crosses half court. All defensive players must stay inside the arc until the ball crosses the half court line. Note: This is different than the 5th Grade Rules.

5. There is NEVER full court pressing allowed on the 4th Grade Levels.

6. 4th Grade Division: Must retreat directly into the 3 point arc area. When ball crosses half court line defense may leave the arc area to play defense. No full court pressing is allowed.

7. 5th Grade Division: Must retreat directly past the half court line. When the ball crosses half court the defense can defend the ball. Full court pressing is allowed during the last two minutes of the game if your team is not ahead by 5 points or more.

Game Ball

1. Game balls must meet all IHSA requirements, be in good condition (no oblong or bubbled balls) and must be properly inflated.

2. All girls teams and 6th grade or under boys teams will use the 28.5 inch (women's) size ball.  

3. Boys 7th and 8th will use a regulation ball.

Playing Time

The City-Suburban Catholic Conference strongly encourages that all eligible student athletes at all levels receive quality playing time in each contest. Exception is made in cases of disciplinary action as determined by the individual school or the conference. See exact grade level for description of exact playing time.


1. The official game scorer will be responsible for recording the entry of each player during the game. Note: Typical basketball scorebooks allow for the checking in of players by quarter.

2. If you keep track and find an opposing coach abusing the playing time rules you may report the abuse to your athletic director who will report it to the league president.  The penalThe penalty for abusing this rule will result in a one game suspension for the first offence and the second offence will be a suspension and a $50.00 fine to the school.

4th and 5th Grade

All players must receive EQUAL PLAYING TIME. No player may play the entire game (unless the team only has 5 players in attendance at the game. Playing time must be spread out evenly among all players in attendance.

Sixth Grade

On the sixth grade level, all players must play a minimum of one quarter (six minutes) of each game, if eligible. Playing time in the play-offs is the same as the regular season.

Seventh and Eighth Gradesp>

Each eligible player must play in each regular season game for a minimum of 3 minutes. Playing time during play-offs is the same as the regular season.


A handshake between the two teams must be performed after each contest.

Player Eligibility and Non-Contest specific Rules

No-Cut Policy

The City-Suburban Catholic Conference has a no cut policy. If a school has enough players who wish to play a team sport, such as basketball, the school athletic board must split the athletes into two equal teams. For Basketball, the split is required when there are 18 players. 

School Representation

Players must be full time day students attending the school that they represent.

NOTE: Specific Exemption: St. Constance players are allowed to merge with St. Robert Bellarmine

Age Restrictions

1.  8th Graders - Anyone who has not reached their 15th birthday before September 1st of the current year.

2.  7th Graders - Anyone who has not reached their 14th birthday before September 1st of the current year.

3.  6th Graders - Anyone who has not reached their 13th birthday before September 1st of the current year.

4.  5th Graders - Anyone who has not reached their 12th birthday before September 1st of the current year.

5.  4th Graders - Anyone who has not reached their 11th birthday before September 1st of the current year.

* Any coach and/or school that violates any of these age rules shall be suspended from the league on that level for the remainder of the season and must forfeit all games.


1. Every school must submit a complete roster of all team members and coaches including name, uniform number and coaches information. Each team roster must be signed by the school principal and submitted to the CSCC league secretary prior to their first contest. Failure to supply said rosters will result in forfeiture of all contests played prior to the receipt of the rosters by the league secretary.

2. Copies of each team's roster shall be made available to any coach through each school's roster and rules booklet provided by the conference. This booklet must be available at the home team's score table and every game.  

3. Players may be added, but only in writing and signed by the School principal, up until 30 days prior to the first scheduled playoff date, at which time rosters will be considered frozen.

Double Roster Rules

1. Schools can only double roster with a team the grade below them.

2. Basketball teams can only double roster if they have 5, 6 or 7 players on their regular season roster.

3. Schools must present 2 rosters when double-rostering.

a) Their regular season roster signed by the Principal, AD and Coach (with cell # and email address).

b) A complete roster of the team with whom they are double-rostering. This double roster must include all players' names that are on the team, a column indicating that all parents have been asked to participate and their answer (yes or no) and signature or email address. This double roster must be signed by the Principal, AD/Coordinator adn both coaches of the teams involved.

4. Teams can only bring up enough players to have 7 players MAXIMUM at the game. Double-rostered teams can NEVER have more than 7 players at the game.

5. Teams that double roster must establish a rotation for the double-rostered players. Every player double-rostered must be called up before someone is called up twice. NOTE: There are exceptions in the case of of availability of players. This rotation must be indicated on teh double roster in the column provided.

6. Double-rostered players must play the minimum game time requirements only. Double rostered players are not there to take away playing time from the REGULAR ROSTERED TEAM MEMBGERS. Double rostered players should be used to give a break to the fatigued players, players in foul trouble, injured players or to get their minimum playing time quota.

7. Double-rostered players may not play more than any regular rostered player. Exception: Player availability.

8. Double-rostering is NOT DESIGNED FOR MAKING YOUR TEAM BETTER but for allowing your team the opportunity to play the games and NOT TO FORFEIT.

Player Promotion

A student athlete may play up a grade but may not play down.  Once a player has played up he/she may not go back down for league competition unless they are double-rostered.

Player / Coach Conduct


Any coach or player who during the course of the season receives a total of two technical fouls for any unsportsmanlike act or conduct will be suspended for two games.  Any coach or player receiving a fourth technical foul during the course of the season for any unsportsmanlike act or conduct will be suspended for the remainder of the season.  Any flagrant foul, which per IHSA rules results in expulsion from the contest, shall constitute two technical fouls for the purposes of this rule. 

If a coach or parent, in the opinion of the official, is verbally abusive to that official after the game is completed the official may assess the equivalent of a double technical foul on that person by reporting the incident to the league.  This would result in an automatic 2 game suspension that is not subject to review.

 If a coach or parent, in the opinion of the official, is verbally abusive to that official beyond the confines of the gym building then that official may assess a double technical foul on that person by reporting the incident to the league.  This would result in an automatic 2 game suspension that is not subject to review. In addition, the Officers of the Conference Board of Athletic Directors will determine if that person will be dismissed from coaching or if that parent will be allowed to attend any more games.

Note: Existing rules already address conduct during the contest.

Additional Note: Physically abusive behavior is addressed by the State Penal Code.

Contest Cancellation and Rescheduling Procedures

The following procedures must be followed for canceling or postponing any given game. Coaches may not cancel or reschedule games. All cancellations and rescheduling of games must be administered by the athletic director.

1. Contact opposing team immediately.

2. Contact Referee Chairman immediately.

3. An effort must be made to reschedule within 48 hours, or it may be constituted as a forfeit by the canceling team.

4. It is the responsibility of the canceling team to arrange for referees through the Referee Chairman.

Official Season

The dates of the Basketball season will be determined each year by the officers of the City Suburban Catholic Conference.  No games will be allowed either before the official start date or after the official end date as determined by the conference.

Contest Result Reporting

The winning team is responsible for reporting scores (6th thru 8th grade only) thru the CSCC web site, which is accessible from  Any scores which have not been reported within 48 hours of the scheduled contest date will be considered a forfeit by both teams. All scores must be reported by 9pm on the last day of the season or the game will incur a double-forfeit penalty. All playoff scores must be reported immediately following the conclusion of the game.

Playoffs, Official Standings and Tie Breakers

1. Playoffs are held only for the 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels. 

2. 4th and 5th grade are considered instructional. Scores are not reported, standings are not kept and no league championships are held.

3. Playoffs are conducted in a single elimination tournament. There are 2 different formats:

A. WILD CARD. Wild card format is comprised of the top 3 teams from each division and the next 2 best records regardless of division. If the two wildcard teams are from the same division, then they will be seeded by record into the appropriate division.  The worst record will be seeded against the first place team with the best record. 

B. TOP 8 RECORD FORMATS. Used when all teams have the same schedule.

4. Tie breakers are listed in the order of application.  These tie breakers exist for the purpose of determining playoff seeding only.  Ties which would determine inclusion for a playoff seeding will be determined through an elimination contest (Play-In Game). 

a) Head to Head Record
b) Division Record (Only if teams are in same division)
c) Coin Toss