Cross Country 2013 Home

CrossCountry Chair: SJB


Important Dates:

  • Teams to Dan ( Friday 8/23/2021
  • Coaches Meeting: Tuesday 9/1/2021, 7pm @SJB
  • Practice Begins: Monday 8/23/2021

This year's CSCC Cross Country Meets will be held at Resurrection College Prep with a 4 PM start time.

  • Meet #1 (Conference Only) Friday 9/10/2021
  • Meet #2 (Conference Only) Friday 9/17/2021
  • Meet #3 (Championship) Friday 9/24/2021
  • Rain Date: Friday 10/01/2021

General Information

Entry Fee $100.00 per school per meet (Checks Payable to City Suburban Catholic Conference)


1. JV Girls (4-5-6th Grades) Race Time 4:30pm

2. JV Boys(4-5-6th Grades) Race Time 4:50pm

3. Varsity Girls (7-8th Girls) Race Time 5:10pm

4. Varsity Boys(7-8th Boys) Race Time 5:30pm

Awards: League Meets

Individual Awards (Each Division)

  • Top 10 runners - Trophies
  • 11 thru 30 runners - Ribbon with Medal
  • Outstanding Achievement Certificates for 31st thru all other places.

Team Awards (Each Division)

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Places

Awards: Open Meet

  • 1st thru 4th team trophies;
  • 1st thru 15th individual trophies
  • 16th thru 50th medals
  • Outstanding Achievement Certificates for 51st thru all other places.

Individual Awards are awarded as the runners finish.

Team Trophies are awarded following each race.

To register for any of these meets, contact Dan Kosiba at: